We are planning to start back to Church on Sunday for the 10:30 AM service only. Most know the Governor of Indiana came out with Phase II guidelines for return to more normal life in Indiana.

We understand this is America and we have the 1ST Amendment right to gather, and more importantly, we have the Biblical mandate to do so. But we must also be concerned about the well-being of the flock, the testimony of the Church, and the good of the community. With that in mind I want to go over some of the Governor’s guidelines and what we will be doing to protect our people.

  • He suggests that people be encouraged to wear a mask while in the building. We will encourage it but not require it.
  • He suggests those 65 and over, or those who have high risk health issues, stay home and watch online. So we are making you aware of the suggested guideline of the Governor. But we will leave that decision to each of you to choose for yourself…
  • We would ask that anyone with any sign or symptom of illness, please stay home.
  • We will have hand sanitizer on the foyer table. We suggest you make use of that as you enter and leave the building.
  • We ask that you maintain social distancing of 6 feet apart while seated or moving around the building. Families may sit together.
  • Parents, please take your children to the rest rooms. Make sure to clean up after them and wash their hands.
  • We will not pass offering plates as usual. Instead 2 offering plates will be placed in the foyer. Please leave your tithes & offerings there.
  • At least for now, we will not be handing out bulletins
  • We will of course forego the handshaking during greeting times, during the service, and at the dismissal.

We have no idea what to expect, or how many to expect, and I understand if you opt to wait longer. This is new territory that none of us has ever crossed before. If this has taught us anything, it has taught us how precious Church family is. I look forward to worshipping together, and to Church family time!

Pastor Steve